Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Corvette z6 (by Osama7)

halloween full HD (by kartine29)

vector rainbow skyline (by 1m3)

Welcome to another world (by SABBAT2010)

Halloween - Mac and Windows (by MrFolder)

Green Apple Wallpaper (by The-Golden-Princess)

sky through the ears (by SABBAT2010)


boat (by SABBAT2010)

old car (by SABBAT2010)

Grey sky (by SABBAT2010)

nice day (by SABBAT2010)


Whole 'nother level of headwear.
image scan via absinthrill
Jennifer - Where, did you acquire those Alaias?

` charmi loOking very pretty `

Bubbly actress Charmi is doing yet another heroine centric film ‘Nagaram Nidra Potunna Vela’ in which she will be playing a role of a journalist. Her movie ‘Mangala’ has completed its shooting. Here are some beautiful pictures from the movie.

new wall (by suruparu)

nice wall (by suruparu)

Desktop wallpaper Last one for today (by suruparu)

wall8 (by suruparu)

` charlOtte in vOgue italia photoshoOt `


Mail courtesy: Akeli Laila


` karaOke queen gemma merna `