Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Red-Crowned Cranes, Japan (by itzikgur)

Desktop wallpaper Tree in a Plowed Field (by itzikgur)

Anime random (by AchlysxX)

Desktop wallpaper Mustang Shelby 500 "Eleanor" (by GlobalStyle)

Pink Vaio wallpaper

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Pink Vaio wallpaper

` kim kardashian candids at miami `

` want to trAvel in this train `


These photos are of a train interior in Japan called Toy train and Strawberry train. The Japanese have taken the idea of ‘child-friendly public transport’ to the next level with these 2 beauties, both designed by eiji mitooka. He was the artistic force behind ‘omoden’ (toy train) and ‘ichigo ec’ (strawberry train), a couple of regional trains which travel on a daily basis on the 14.3km kishigawa line in japan.